Rental of inflatable castles

The most difficult thing will be to choose!

Mini castle with ball pool

A nice little castle that has everything of a big one! Small slide, ball pool …

Ideal for children up to 1m20 (about 5 years old)

Dimensions 3m x 3,25m
(provide a space of min 4m50 wide and 5m50 deep.

To be picked up in Tervuren/Duisburg. The castle fits in most cars by folding down the back seats.

  • 75 € per day
  • 130€ for the whole weekend

Renard Castle

A large bouncy castle complete with a slide and obstacles!

Ideal for children up to 10 years old

Dimensions 4,5m x 6m (and 4m high)
(provide a minimum space of 6.5 m x 8m)

The castle is delivered within a radius of 10km from Tervuren/Duisburg

  • 160 € per day
  • 200 € for the whole weekend

Maxi castle

Discover our large covered bouncy castle. A classic with a large jumping area!

Ideal for parties (birthdays, families, communions)

Dimensions 4m x 4m x 4m
(provide a minimum space of 5 x 7m)

To be picked up in Tervuren/Duisburg The castle fits in the majority of station wagons and monovolumes by folding down the rear seats.

  • 120 € per day
  • 160 € for the whole weekend

Aquarium castle (best location)

A super safe castle that can be used as a classic castle but can also be transformed into a ball pool.

Dimensions 3m x 3,70m
(provide a minimum space of 5m x 4m)

To be picked up in Tervuren/Duisburg The aquarium and its balls fit in the majority of the breaks and monovolumes.

  • 75 € without balls (100€ with balls) per day
  • 120 € without balls (150€ with balls) for the whole weekend

Balloons Castle

A castle that has all the advantages of a big one but will fit almost anywhere, even inside!

Ideal for children up to 7 years old.

Dimensions 4m x 3m x 2,4m
(provide a minimum space of 4.5m x 4.5m)

To be picked up in Tervuren/Duisburg

  • 75 € per day
  • 120 € for the whole weekend